Hi, I am Sanchit Gupta a User Experience designer and an information architect..
Currently, I am leading design efforts at MGM Resorts. My team focuses on digital guest experiences for our customers ranging from our information architecture, web navigation, and homepage. 
In my previous role as a lead designer for Walmart's International Design team, we created a new generation of designs for Asda. I delivered a cross-platform design system and a redesigned website and application for Asda customers. In parallel, I evangelized design thinking methods within the organization and enabled designers to take a higher degree of responsibility. 
Pre-digital design, my background lies a half a decade of practice in Industrial designI believe in design as a distinct way of noticing the tiny (but valuable) moments. Principally I believe design is a balancing act: creativity, innovation, realism, economics, stoicism, and in some cases expectations. I love being hands-on as much as I love to zoom out and tackle the larger picture. Projects involving a "Problem-Solution" context excite me and I take great pride in my adaptability towards multi-disciplinary projects, my ability to simplify complexity, move between macro and micro with ease, and constantly learning and unlearning sets me apart as a leader.
I am always looking for interesting conversations, new relationships, and connections. Feel free to drop me a line below. View my resume.
Thank you!
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